About Us


This is the online shop of Golden Horn Records. We are an independent recording company. Our releases are often categorized as World Music releases. Of course, music has no boundaries and this categorization is often not that helpful or useful. We also have jazz recordings in our catalog.

We have started our journey back in 1995 out of frustration due to not being able to find recordings by certain artists. We release what we love and what we think listeners would appreciate hearing. Over the years, we have recorded and released around forty recordings. We work closely with our artists and try to promote these recordings and artists as well as we can. It is difficult for independent labels to survive. Unfortunately, many of them have disappeared in recent years. There are very few record stores. Online-shops and digital distribution are the places where listeners now get their music.

Our recordings are available on well-known online stores as well as in digital distribution. When you purchase your recordings directly from us at this site, it helps us more. We are based in Northern California. We ship your orders as quickly as possible; most of the time within twenty-four hours.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for us, please write to us at info@goldenhorn.com and if you want to follow us on twitter, our twitter ID is goldenhorn_sf. We have a mailing list, which we do not share with anyone else. We send out very limited number of e-mails, mostly to inform our audience with new releases and performances by our artists near our listeners.

We hope you enjoy our music.