Kudsi Erguner Ensemble - Beyzade

$ 15.00

On his new album "Beyzade", Kudsi Erguner, known as the most important representative of Sufi music in the world and Turkey, and his group play saz tunes from the corpus of Prince Dimitri Kantemir and Ali Ufki (Wojciech Bobowski) . The 11 songs on the album were recorded live in Holland, Utrecht in 1988 and contain Erguner's personal reflections on these songs. Also, verbal traditions were utilized in forming this repertory.

 Kudsi Erguner, the son of Ulvi Erguner, is considered as being the last representor of ney players in traditional Turkish sufi music. In this album, Kudsi Erguner worked with Derya Türkan; the student of famous kemençe player İhsan Özgen, the young and talented kanun player Hakan Güngör; ud expert Mehmet Emin Bitmez, the experienced Tanburi Necip Gülses and zarb and bendir player Bruno Caillat.

Release by Equinox Music, Istanbul (Import)


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